Últimas noticias

  1. 09/10/2015

    Figure 1 from Crowell and Gosnold: Spatial extent of temperature data in the Denver-Julesberg basin, obtained from the National Geothermal Data System. Green points represent the locations of the 36,861 wells used for bottom-hole temperature and geothermal gradient calculations.

    Geothermal Energy: Look to the Denver-Julesberg Basin

    To offset the need for fuel imports, to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and to increase U.S. energy independence, geothermal energy has emerged as…

    Geological Society of America, The (GSA)

  2. 09/10/2015

    Scientists produce shortest electron bunches ever by surfing plasma waves

    Referencia de publicación

    The shortest electron bunches ever produced have emerged in research by scientists at the University of Strathclyde. The bunches were produced by fo…

    « Strathclyde, University of »

  3. 09/10/2015

    Generación Verde

    Ante la falta de espacios verdes en urbes, empresa universitaria los crea como jardines verticales

    La UNAM incubó la empresa Generación Verde que ofrece una solución de aprovechamiento del espacio tanto en casas, edificios, restaurantes y oficinas.…

    Investigación y Desarrollo

  4. 09/10/2015

    Jerónimo Rodríguez Cid y Cynthia Villarreal García

    Fármacos con moléculas dirigidas aumentan cinco años esperanza de vida en pacientes de cáncer de mama

    La combinación de Trastuzumab, Pertuzumab y quimioterapia alarga la vida de pacientes cinco años, comparado con una expectativa de menos de dos años q…

    Investigación y Desarrollo

  5. 09/10/2015

    Conference report points the way in fight against antibiotic resistance

    The aim of Uppsala Health Summit, this summer’s international summit about antibiotic resistance, was to make real progress in combatting this threat…

    Uppsala Universitet

  6. 09/10/2015

    Antenna Lab

    World Class Antenna Lab Being Built in Denmark

    The measurement of wireless signals from mobile phones, satellites and drones gets optimal conditions in an unusual new building in Aalborg that NOVI…

    Aalborg University

Próximos eventos

  1. 22/11/2015

    Shakespeare's Histories - Whose Agenda Do They Serve?

    Panel discussion at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre led by academics, chaired by William Leahy of Brunel University London, with characters and scenes to…

    « Brunel University »

  2. 20/10/2015

    The 6th Kobe University Brussels European Centre Symposium

    “For Smart and Healthy Society - common challenges in research and education by Japan and EU collaboration” Every year Kobe University Brussels Euro…

    Kobe University

  3. 13/10/2015

    Remise du trophée de la recherche publique énergie-environnement-climat

    Mardi 13 octobre 2015 à 16h, trois chercheurs du consortium Rain Cell Africa recevront un des trophées de la recherche publique énergie-environnement-…

    Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)

  4. 15/10/2015

    Artefacts from the exhibition

    The fight for minority rights against oppression ‘a continuous thread of American history’

    University of Leicester researchers to hold free ‘Remembering Rosa Parks’ event on Thursday 15 October Issues of racism - from the Civil Rights Move…

    « Leicester, University of »

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